How To Make The Best Fried Chicken Ever

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Well, You’ve come to the right place if you love fried chicken.

Get ready for the juiciest, sweetest, crunchiest fried chicken recipe you ever tried … !

I’m going to be teaching you step by step and give you tips on how to make incredible chicken. It is possible for you to make fantastic fried chicken right in your own kitchen …

Just carefully follow each step and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

fried chicken breasts

If there is fried chicken on a menu, then you can bet, I always order it. I’ve discovered many local restaurants that offer great fried chicken. However, I honestly still love my own fried chicken the best.

Yes, we even eat our own grain fed chickens we’ve raised. It’s easy to detach once we get a little fried chicken hunger on … from the pen to the plate.

If you’re interest in raising your own chickens you can read more here.

I marinate my chicken in buttermilk along with a bit of hot sauce. It is very crispy, very juicy, and has a flavorful and beautiful crust. For years I have been working on a special combination of spices that I used with my fried chicken. I love tasty chicken, and my fried chicken has an amazing flavor. It really is the best Fried Chicken Recipe ever!

Here’s my secrets to frying flavorful, crispy chicken …

First Step: Marinate

On the day before you are planning to fry your chicken, marinate your chicken in a few big ziplock bags with buttermilk and hot sauce. Leave your chicken overnight in the refrigerator. I use clean kitchen garbage bags.

This chicken has lots of flavors but, don’t worry, is not that hot. The fried chicken has many layers of flavors that start with the buttermilk and hot sauce.

fried chicken, peppers and cucumber

Second Step: Spices

Use a whisk to mix together an amazing combination of spices.

Add your spices in with baking powder, cornstarch, and flour. Baking Powder is such a magical ingredient.

Before you add it to the flour, save a few tablespoons of your Spice mixture. Once the chicken has been fried you will be seasoning the chicken once more with your leftover spices.

Third Step: Flour Your Chicken

Take the chicken out of the marinade piece by piece and dip it into your spices and flour mixture. Put the chicken pieces on a baking sheet. The pieces should not be touching each other.

chicken batter ingredients in mixing bowl

Fourth Step: Allow the Chicken to Rest

Flour the pieces of chicken and let them rest in a large pan for 15 minutes. Don’t let the pieces touch one another. If there is room in the refrigerator, put the baking sheet inside for 15 minutes.

Fifth Step: Flour Your Chicken Again

After the chicken has rested for 15 minutes, dip it into your flour mixture again and let it rest for another 15 minutes. Put it inside the refrigerator if there is room.

Sixth Step: Heat The Oil Up

Heat enough oil to fry your chicken in. There needs to be enough oi for you to be able to completely submerge the chicken and totally cover it.

Let your oil heat up to 375 degrees. As soon as the chicken is added the temperature will start to drop.

chicken frying in hot oil

Seventh Step: Cook Your Chicken

Cook the chicken until it is golden brown for about 15 minutes. Make sure the fryer is not overcrowded.

Eighth Step: Drain and Season Your Chicken

Use tongs to remove the chicken onto a baking sheet lined in paper towels.

Thoroughly season the chicken right after it is removed from the hot oil.

Ninth Step: Serve the chicken hot along with honey.

For a real treat, drizzle honey on your fried chicken.

honey in jars

My favorite way of eating fried chicken is to drizzle a little honey on it. The crunch and sweetness along with the flavor of the chicken is the best food in the world.

I have used a cast iron dutch oven to fry many chickens, but it is easier, safer, and much crispier to fry in the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer. So why not fry up some chicken if you have a big crowd to feed.

Everybody will absolutely love it, and with an electric fryer, it will cook in minutes.

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