Gardening Tips For Cleaning Up and Preparing For Winter


How to Start Preparing The Garden For Winter

If you love your garden, you may realize it’s time to start cleaning it up a bit and getting prepared for winter. Even if it’s only currently fall, winter will come before you know it, and it might be difficult for you to do much gardening work if it’s extremely cold outside.

robin in a snow covered garden tree

If you’ve got the spare time to start the cleanup process, there are quite a few different things you can do to get your garden ready for the winter season.

Collect Leaves and Remove Them

Get rid of all the unwanted leaves that have fallen in your garden. Start by raking them into a pile. Once you’ve got your pile, pick the leaves up and place them into a large trash bag. You can throw them out with the trash so that you don’t have to continue stepping on them. Make sure you’re collecting leaves from flower pots and other areas of the garden that may not be nearly as obvious.

Check For Weeds and Remove Them

Look around the garden for any unwanted weeds. If you find them, you may want to pull them right out. If you’re not a fan of pulling the weeds out, you can spray an organic solution on the weeds. Some people use a combination of salt and vinegar to kill the weeds in a natural and effective manner.

Decide on the most effective approach and tackle those weeds. You certainly don’t want to have to deal with them growing anymore than they already have, especially since they’re often such eyesores in a beautiful garden.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Many people make the mistake of forgetting to fertilize their lawn before the winter comes. However, if you take this extra step in advance, you’ll benefit from it in the future when the spring season arrives. Sprinkle a generous amount of fertilizer all over the grass. It will help to keep the grass protected and when spring arrives, your grass will look healthy and beautiful rather than brown, dry, and icky.

Start Planting Select Plants

There are certain flowers and plants that thrive during the warmer weather months in spring and summer. However, there are other plants and flowers that thrive outside when the temperature is much cooler. If you’d like to remain active in your garden during the winter, consider planting certain things that are likely to do well despite the temperature outside.

Some of the different things you may want to consider planting during the fall would include Winter Jasmine, Japanese Blood Grass, onions, and asparagus. These are some of the different plants that are known for thriving despite winter conditions.

winter jasmine in bloom

Take care of your garden and prepare it for the winter weather. Start the cleaning process and make sure you’re adding fertilizer to the grass so that it will grow in looking fresh and beautiful as soon as those spring months arrive. You may even want to start planting certain vegetables and flowers in your garden because some plants naturally do better during the winter.

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